Elissa Klotz

Ben Stein goes online

Some entertainers would be happy with one job, but not actor/spokesman/writer/lawyer/trivia godhead Ben Stein. When not busy with his Emmy Award-winning hosting duties on Win Ben Stein’s Money or planning a new talk show for Comedy Central, Stein is usually online, shopping, looking up weather reports and stock market news, or visiting his own fan site ( While taking an offline break, the man forever remembered for nasally calling roll (”Anyone, anyone?”) in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off chatted with EWI about his surfing habits.

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Where to shop online this holiday season

Ah, the sweet siren call of Catalog, goddess of expensive things that we don’t need but really, really want. While nothing matches the conspicuous-consumption buzz of a glossy real-life circular, many popular catalogs have opened online stores offering special discounts, sales notifications, and the ability to find what you want without viewing other items. (Wait — isn’t that half the fun?) CatalogFinder ( is a useful guide to mailbox stuffers real and digital, but here are our takes on some of the best-known online outposts:

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Major League Baseball Players Association

From trading cards to the Little League championship, baseball has always been a part of American childhood. Now the Major League Baseball Players Association has a website that brings the players directly to the next generation of fans. The sports site is unique because it gives each player his own Web page to customize with personal stories or multimedia offerings. In addition to the 700-plus Web pages (including home-run star Mark McGwire’s), players can communicate regularly with fans through e-mail and chats.

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