Erin Stevenson

I survived (and laughed at) 'I Survived a Japanese Game Show'


Perhaps I should admit right from the start that America’s Funniest Home Videos still, after all these years, makes me laugh; that’s just how I roll. Getting a chortle out of watching people doing ridiculous things is as natural as eating and sleeping. And no one does ridiculous better (or with more gusto) than contestants on Japanese game shows.

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The Bachelorette recap: Down With Love

Bachelorette Jesse

Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh, my….I swear last night’s rose ceremony on The Bachelorette was the first one in a long time that caused me to feel as if I might actually hurl. From nerves. I would have been on the edge of my couch if I hadn’t been pinned down by my overheating laptop. And I almost couldn’t bear to finish watching, so I hit pause after the rose ceremony and started writing.

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The Bachelorette recap: Snow Bored

Bachelorette Graham

In a Bachelor/Bachelorette first last night, we got a mid-series ”Tell All,” which was the first hour of our two hours together, and it couldn’t have been less interesting. Am I being harsh? Maybe I’ve decided that, like DeAnna, I don’t want to lead you TV Watchers on, like it’s been done to me. DeAnna’s desire to not do this has become a constant with every episode and almost every decision, it seems.

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The Bachelorette recap: Attention Deficit

Okay, okay, okay. You all have made it very clear I’m alone in my feelings for Fred. But if I weren’t happily married, I might just have to head to Chicago and look the rejected bachelor up. You knew he was done for last night when, on the date with DeAnna (and chef Robert), DeAnna said, ”You’re so sweet, Fred,” before giving him a hug. This after he verged on getting choked up, telling her how much she means to him and how he wants their hugs to linger.

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The Bachelorette recap: Truth and Consequences

Bachelorette Fred

I hereby call to order the She-Woman Fred Lovers Club (with a tip of the hat to the old Our Gang series). I know you TV Watchers have mixed feelings about da boy from da Windy City, but there’s something so scruffily handsome, boyish, and genuine about him that’s so refreshing in the sea of slick suitors that surrounds our blinky Bachelorette, DeAnna. I’ve liked him since his first Chicago Bear hug, and apparently I’m not alone: Ellen DeGeneres likes him too!

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The Bachelorette recap: Exposing Yourself

Bachelorette Jeremy

Confessions abounded on last night’s show, so I’ll start off by admitting that I’m having trouble committing to DeAnna. I believe in sisterhood, but when DeAnna’s smile goes turbo and her lips stretch just a little too deeply into her cheeks, I just get a fake feeling. Would she and I ever be compatible as friends? In high school, I lived on the fringe of the ”popular people,” and more than once wrote editorials that questioned their power and privilege at school. I knew them, they knew me; some of us were good friends.

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The Bachelorette season premiere recap: A Second Chance at First Impressions


Quite frankly, I’m not really sure why people get so angry about Brad Womack and what surely was The Bachelor’s ”most dramatic rose ceremony ever.” (That’s no exaggeration — the series should have surrendered its dearly beloved catchphrase after that one.) In the final episode of the season, during which he was expected to offer an engagement ring to one of the two women remaining, bachelor Brad stammered around, took a break to walk it off, and then announced he couldn’t propose to DeAnna Pappas, after having already sent sweet Jenni Croft home.

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'Cashmere Mafia' finale recap: All work, little play


And so, the ever fashionable ladies of Cashmere Mafia didn’t walk off into the sunset in stilettos in last night’s season finale. They didn’t even walk off together. Instead, Mia (left) strolled off with her newfound companion, Wiley Jim — not the manny, not Jack, and not brain surgeon Jason (right). Wiley’s a stray dog found wandering 7th Ave. who has halitosis and a bit of a shoe fetish, naturally.

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