Evan Narcisse

Game review: 'Dark Void' gets vertical

To quote the name of the Scottish rock, we were promised jetpacks. After all, Buck Rogers, George Jetson, and James Bond all wore one. And at each turn, personal flight became shorthand for the awesomeness of technology. That iconic piece of aerial equipment’s been showcased in video games– as in the Tribes series – but hasn’t appeared as much as you’d think.

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Mercenaries 2: World in Flames

(Pandemic/EA; Xbox 360, PS3, Teen)

While other action franchises may boast of giving you whole cities on which you can sow your seeds of destruction, World in Flames — the sequel to the 2005 hit action game — gives you an entire country to turn into your blood-soaked sandbox. Pandemic Studios’ shoot-‘em-up drops a three-person team of pay-for-play soldiers — Mattias Nilsson, Jennifer Mui, and Chris Jacobs — into a war sparked by a power grab in Venezuela.

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''Metroid Prime 3'' shoots, scores

”Metroid Prime 3” shoots, scores


All hail the Wii! Nintendo, which not so many months ago seemed threatened to be overrun by the game-making might of Sony and Microsoft, has reaped much praise (and financial reward) for the way their little $249 console has expanded the video game audience — even infiltrating retirement communities and cruise ships.

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''Prey'': Worth the long wait?

”Prey”: Worth the long wait?

Prey (2K Games, Mature, Xbox 360) The plot: Tommy’s a restless grease monkey who wants to escape his Cherokee reservation with his girlfriend Jenny. His brooding is interrupted when our planet is visited by a massive UFO. As Tommy, you must battle these aliens and thwart their plans to turn the abducted humans — including Jenny — into mindless soldiers of an Earth-invading army.

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