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We go five rounds with Coheed and Cambria

You’ve heard of concept albums, but who’s got the balls to shoot for a concept discography? Coheed and Cambria, that’s who. The upstate New York-cum-Brooklyn band has enjoyed massive underground success with their first two epic and inscrutable records (think rock opera inspired by sci-fi movies and Rush). Now they’re bringing their mix of punk and egg-headed prog-rock to the masses with their recently released major-label debut called — are you ready for this? — Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness.

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Five Rounds With My Morning Jacket

If there’s a market for monumental cosmic roadhouse psych-rock, My Morning Jacket have cornered it. They’ve also, this evening at Barramundi on New York City’s Lower East Side, cornered the market on jet lag, having just come off a 13-hour flight from Japan. As LTT sits down with the sleepy Louisville, Ky., quintet to throw a few back and chat about their spectacular and, on this soporific night, quite appropriately titled new album Z (out Oct.

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Oasis's new album borrows much from other artists

The Manchester magpies used to be content with ”paying homage” to the Beatles, but if their Don’t Believe the Truth (out May 31) is any indication, they’ve finally wandered out of the ”B” aisle of the record store for inspiration elsewhere. A guide to the most obvious, shall we say, ”loving tributes” from their new album.

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Five Rounds With... ...Trail of Dead

So yes, it was our fault, we admit it. When Conrad Keely, lead singer of Austin noise rockers …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, yelled from the stage at Brooklyn’s North Six club, ”They told us to get drunk, so we did,” well, that was us. ”They.” And, we guess, in some small way, when he and his four bandmates proceeded to smash nearly every piece of equipment they had during their flawfully beautiful set because they were drunk, well, we did pick up the tab for all those drinks at the Tainted Lady Lounge just before the show.

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[Five] Three Rounds With... Von Bondies

The heady blend of knuckle-dragging garage rock and greasy soul on the Von Bondies’ third album, Pawn Shoppe Heart (Sire), would be enough to make any band’s name. Alas, the Detroit foursome is waaay more notorious for the dustup frontman Jason Stollsteimer had with much bigger White Stripe Jack White last December at a Motor City club, an encounter which left Stollsteimer looking pretty tore up – and White facing an assault rap (he pleaded not guilty).

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Five Rounds With...The Walkmen

What sort of dedicated tipplers venture out on one of the coldest nights in New York City in recent years for a stiff drink? Retro-rockers the Walkmen, that’s who. The quintet are currently preparing to tour in support of ”Bows & Arrows,” their lushly chaotic sophomore release, but three fifths of the band took time out to brave the subzero temperatures and meet us at the Art Bar in Greenwich Village to discuss the finer points of peewee football…and pet portrai-ture?


Amateur Football Players!

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Five Rounds With... Elbow

Granted, their rainy industrial hometown of Manchester, England, has helped inspire Elbow’s darkly romantic, melancholic pop. But how well has the hard-drinking city primed the quintet – whose latest effort, ”Cast of Thousands” (Jan. 27), is garnering favorable comparisons to the likes of Radiohead and Coldplay – for bending the proverbial elbow?

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