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The Strain recap: 'The Battle of Central Park'

It’s safe to say things did not go according to plan on tonight’s episode of The Strain. Titled “The Battle of Central Park,” the hour chronicled what was supposed to have been a decisive blow against the vampires in the continued quest to wrest back control of Manhattan. There’s no question the humans did score some small victories against their supernatural opponents, but by the installment’s conclusion, the vampires still appeared to have the upper hand (well, except maybe for Eichhorst…).

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The Strain recap: 'Madness'

Madness makes men do strange things — it’s an obvious truism, and it was the overriding theme of tonight’s episode of The Strain. Dutch and Eph undertook some unusual experiments in the continued hunt for a means to disable the strigoi’s telepathic network, while Fet, seemingly for fun, tagged a couple of vampires in the street in attempt to root out their nest. What he discovered, a massive swarm of sleeping strigoi huddled beneath Central Park, would be enough to loosen anyone’s grip on sanity.

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The Strain recap: 'First Born'

A centuries-long hunt drew to a staggering close in tonight’s episode of The Strain, appropriately titled “First Born.” Quinlan finally confronted his evil father in the unlikeliest of locations (Coney Island?!) and left the Master lying on the ground, headless. But mere decapitation isn’t sufficient to stop the big bad vamp, who is sure to be reborn in a new physical form. However, the face-off might have spelled the end for Quinlan, whose fate by the hour’s conclusion seemed grim at best. Without some supernatural assistance, Eph and his allies could really be in trouble.

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The Strain recap: 'Bad White'

At the end of last week’s season 3 premiere of The Strain, a distraught Eph was facing a terrible dilemma — should he deliver the Occido Lumen to the care of the Master (who surely would use the text against his human enemies), and in return, be reunited with his still-living son? Or should he prevent the chief vampire from gaining hold of the book and risk never seeing Zack again? At the conclusion of tonight’s episode, “Bad White,” it’s Quinlan who steps in to offer another path — ally instead with the Born, steal the ancient book, and use it to save the world.

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The Strain premiere recap: 'New York Strong'

When FX renewed its apocalyptic vampire series The Strain for a third season of 10 episodes (rather than its traditional 13), showrunner Carlton Cuse assured viewers the compressed schedule would help accelerate the pace of the storytelling and give the show a stronger sense of urgency. He wasn’t kidding. Tonight’s premiere felt a little bit like a reinvention, if not a wholesale reboot, with some sleek opening credits that seemed designed to shift the prevailing mood from slow-burn horror to James-Cameron-style action.

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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children: Samuel L. Jackson gets blown away in exclusive photo

In Tim Burton’s new fantastical adventure Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children — in theaters Sept. 30 — a family tragedy leads American teen Jake (Asa Butterfield) to an exotic British island where women can turn into birds and children possess serious peculiarities (like, say, having two mouths or the ability to control fire). Superheroes they are not. “It’s not really that type of thing,” Burton says of the film, adapted from Ransom Riggs’ best-selling 2011 novel.

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Beetlejuice 2 not happening, says Tim Burton’s rep

So, about that Beetlejuice sequel… it’s not happening.

Early Friday morning, reports surfaced that a long-discussed follow-up to filmmaker Tim Burton’s 1988 paranormal adventure was moving forward — that a script had been completed and original stars Winona Ryder and Michael Keaton confirmed to return. Trouble is, none of that was actually true, according to a rep for the filmmaker. She said the information was based on fabricated comments from the director and confirmed to EW that Beetlejuice 2 is not in development at this time.

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