Heidi Siegmund Cuda

Robert Downey is business as usual

So how has Robert Downey Jr. been doing since members of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department arrested him June 23 after they pulled him over near his Malibu home for speeding and found cocaine, tar heroin, and an unloaded .357 magnum revolver in his car? Apparently, it’s been mostly business as usual. Andrew Bernstein, senior publicist for New Line, claims that Downey’s situation hasn’t delayed or compromised his upcoming movie, One Night Stand, which costars Wesley Snipes and Nastassia Kinski and is currently filming in L.A.

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Entertainment news for June 14, 1996

Vanity — as in label — thy name is Mariah. As the newest artist plunging into the music-mogul pit, Mariah Carey is doing everything she can to make her new Sony-based company more like Madonna’s Maverick than Prince’s Paisley Park. Carey, who surely gets plenty of vocational advice from her husband, Sony chief Tommy Mottola, is expected to christen her label Crave and just signed her first act — the Queens, N.Y.-based hip-hop duo Blue Denim, which includes Kimberly ”Kimmie Kat” James, the younger sister of Cheryl James of Salt ‘N’ Pepa.

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Jeff Goldblum and Peter Weller boogie down

In the 1984 cult flick The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, Peter Weller played a neurosurgeon/physicist/rock & roll superhero. But in reality, the chiseled Texas native (probably best known for inhabiting RoboCop’s armor) is a Renaissance man of almost equal unlikeliness: an actor/director/jazz trumpet player who has teamed up with fellow multiple threat Jeff Goldblum (actor/director/pianist) to take Hollywood by the horn.

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Mail-Order Music Madness

Eleven albums for the price of one? This might seem about right for a surplus of Bobby Sherman or Uriah Heep cutouts. Yet many of the 25 best-selling albums, as well as recent top 10 Godzillas from Joan Osborne and Alanis Morissette, are currently available at this bargain-basement rate. Where? Not at your local record shop, that’s for sure. This rock-bottom price is the sole domain of mail-order record clubs.

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The price Sandra Bullock may pay for fame

What’s the price of fame for Hollywood starlet Sandra Bullock? On the upside, she’s signed to do John Grisham’s A Time to Kill for a thrilling $6 million. On the downside, Bullock can’t just dance the night away anymore. Once an anonymous hoofer at an L.A. Cuban hot spot, now Bullock needs her handlers to work overtime to keep the club a secret from her fans. According to her spokeswoman, it’s the only time the actress can check fame at the door: ”She doesn’t get hassled there.

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Ice Cube cuts a rock video

Three months ago, rapper Ice Cube was spouting separatist dogma to a high school in South Central L.A. Two months later, he was directing the first video from long-haired blues-rock guitarist Ian Moore. Could there be stranger bedfellows?

According to Moore, Cube was the perfect choice to direct his single ”Harlem,” a song about black/white fear from his self-titled debut album. ”The video is about how stereotypes propagate [racism],” he says.

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Entertainment news for March 19, 1993

GOLD FRIENDS: ”Welcome to the ’60s!” said Paul Simon at L.A.’s Chandler Pavilion, where he and Art Garfunkel performed March 1 and raised $1 million for the Children’s Health Fund. But the pair couldn’t quite summon the Summer of Love; even after emotional duets like ”Old Friends,” the two seemed wary of each other. ”I asked Paul,” says Simon publicist Dan Klores, ”and he said, ‘We’ve never looked at each other (on stage). We are not Sonny and Cher.”’

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Remaking 'The Manchurian Candidate'

Producer Joel Silver (Die Hard) is setting his sights on a remake of the 1962 Cold War classic, The Manchurian Candidate. The new version, says Silver, ”may be set during the Gulf War. Even though the Cold War’s over, it’ll still have a great resonance.” Silver says rights to the film are owned by its original star, Frank Sinatra; and his daughter, Tina, who produced CBS’ recent Sinatra, will serve the same function on the remake. It pays to know the chairman of the board.

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