Helin Jung

It's Showtime for ''This American Life'''s Ira Glass

Ira Glass, the geeky host and executive producer of public-radio’s This American Life, calls himself a late bloomer. Though he began his career in broadcasting at the age of 19, Glass claims that he ”wasn’t a competent writer for radio until 27 or 28.” This American Life, which launched in 1995, had a late blooming of its own last Thursday when it was recast as a television show on Showtime.

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Trailer Blazer: 'Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End'

At 12:53 a.m. on Tuesday the 20th, with the countdown to Pirates of theCaribbean: At World’s End trailer online premiere counter ticking 10 minutesand 15 seconds to go, I wondered how this was supposed to be March19th… I guess it’s still Monday west of EST? Lame. Where is trailer,Yahoo!? And why is your counter different from Disney’s? Why is itrunning backwards?

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Wondrous Oblivion begins with a visually compelling conceit: When Jamaican immigrant Dennis (Lindo) and his family move into a working-class London neighborhood, we watch their every move over fences and through windows. Then the story steps into Dennis’ backyard…and loses its focus, meandering from a Jewish boy’s love of cricket to his mother’s marital stupor and back to the unpleasant persecution of Dennis’ family.

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Concert Review: Amy Winehouse at NYC's Bowery Ballroom


Perhaps the biggest surprise of last night’s Amy Winehouse show at the BoweryBallroom in New York City was that she showed up at all. A notoriously volatile songstress and the latest Brit Award recipient for Best Female Solo Artist, Winehouse has made a few notable cancellations recently — we got her on a comparatively good day, and the sold-out room welcomed her with palpable adoration.

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I'm gonna brush that song right into my head

When I first read about the musical toothbrush in The New York Times, I thought, “Gee, what a great idea!” Tooth Tunes, abrushing aid from Hasbro, is a special toothbrush thatcontains a musical chip, and it sends music through your jaw into yourinner ear (see how it works here).Each toothbrush contains one song (<a href=”

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PopWatch is a witness to history in the 'Late Show' audience


PopWatchers, you wouldn’t have believed my excitement. I was jumping and hopping and skipping all over the place — I had just witnessed a moment in history, or something, and I was jazzed. By the time I got around to blogging about it, a mere few hours after it had happened, the edits had already been made on Wikipedia.

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The heroine of Liam Callanan’s All Saints is Emily Hamilton, a 50-year-old teacher at All Saints Catholic High School in Newport Beach, Calif. Hamilton is also a thrice-divorced smoker who has an affair with an 18-year-old student while flirting with a possibly septuagenarian priest. She tries, haltingly, to heal the wounds of her failed marriages and a past miscarriage, as she struggles watching her pupils fall apart. Callanan doesn’t shelter his heroine, nor does he make room for judgment.

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