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'Parks and Recreation' recap: Greg Pikitis must die


On a very special night of Halloween-themed (or at least tinged) NBC programming, our four sitcom leads dealt with the holiday in their own true-to-character way. Jeff Winger dressed up only to try and sleep with someone. Michael Scott donned a “D— in a Box” costume and terrified little Scrantonites. Liz Lemon ignored it.

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You MUST watch 'Friday Night Lights.' (And declare your Must List.)


When last we visited the football-crazed town of Dillon, Tex., change was everywhere. Big Timmy Riggins? Off to college (supposedly). QB1 Matt Saracen? Ditching art school to stay home with Grandma and Julie. Coach Taylor had his boat rocked hardest of all, fired from his job at Dillon High and installed as the head coach at the newly reformed Dillon East.

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Tracy Morgan is no 'Flavor of Love' fan

If you were to stop someone on the street and ask for a flash response to the name Tracy Morgan, they might tell you “crazy.” Maybe “unhinged.” Or even “crazily unhinged.” What you wouldn’t get is any indication that he tears up when talking about his father, or finds the sight of headphones on the street immensely frustrating. But that’s exactly what the crowd gathered at the Union Square Barnes & Noble in New York last night learned when Morgan stopped by to promote his new memoir, I Am the New Black.

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