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'Hell's Kitchen' recap: And the winner is...

As I was driving to my local movie theater earlier this week, flipping through radio stations and cursing myself for not having one of those car-iPod adapter thingys, a familiar British voice made me pause. It was my favorite dreamboat chef. He was chitchatting about this week’s big finale, and though I may have missed a good chunk of the interview, it seemed like he was giving Paula lots of verbal lovin’. Not to mention that throughout the season it seems like Ramsay has favored Paula a bit, no?

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'Hell's Kitchen' recap: Things are getting fishy

Cue the horror movie music, shield your eyes, and mute your televisions…Lacey is back. Yes, I realize that she was only in this week’s episode for a brief five minutes or so, but the sight of those clueless doe eyes and the sound of that voice (that apparently only comes out in a whine) were more than enough to make me want to stab my eyeballs out with my mechanical pencil. But, it is not the first time this show has prompted thoughts of self-preservational violence, and it’s not likely to be the last. So I soldier on.

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'Hell's Kitchen' recap: Who's the Boss?

Well, the sabotage that was teased in nearly every promo for Hell’s Kitchen this season finally happened. Of course, it wasn’t quite as sensational and controversial as teased because it was Ramsay’s idea. But still, I’ll consider it a late return on a much-hyped promise. The sabotage wasn’t the only interesting thing tonight — Danny…failed. Don’t panic. He didn’t go home. But the sight of him screwing up (and in front of a massive crowd, poor guy) was sort of uncomfortable, right?

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Enter the Fray: 'American Idol,' Susan Boyle, and...Perez Hilton?


All you Idol fanatics came out in force this week, commenting on pretty much anything related to the current home of Glambert and the pink-haired rocker. Who knew disco still had some pull? I’ll have to break out my bell bottoms and take it to funky town. But, before I brush up on my jive talkin’, let us Enter the Fray:

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'Hell's Kitchen' recap: Yes man

Anyone who has watched Hell’s Kitchen on a semi-regular basis has surely noticed Ramsay’s habit of saying “yes?” after pretty much everything. Obviously he doesn’t intend for his “question” to be answered, but the variety of sentences Ramsay tacks his rhetorical inquiry onto is rather diverse. It ranges from things like “well done, yes?” to “f— off, yes?” — and I find it oddly mesmerizing. Last night, I decided to take a stab at tallying up the “yeses,” and the final number came to nine, I think.

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'Hell's Kitchen' recap: The heart of the matter


Hallelujah! The element of surprise has FINALLY returned to Hell’s Kitchen…sort of. There were a few genuine events on this week’s episode, including an actual surprise goodbye and an unexpected resolution to last week’s not-at-all-shocking announcement that Ramsay was shutting down Hell’s Kitchen. Oh, and Ben is still grating on my nerves like a screwdriver-in-a-pencil-sharpener.

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'Hell's Kitchen' recap: Ramsay's 'shocking' moment...not shocking

It’s every man for himself in Hell’s Kitchen from this point on, and the switch from separate teams to a unified group made not a bit of difference for these “chefs.” The dinner service was a hot (literally) mess, Ramsay invaded Gio’s space bubble, and Ramsay shared the “shocking announcement” teased in last week’s preview.

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