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Dancing With the Stars 10th Anniversary Special:
Our favorite moments

Ten years and 20 seasons of Dancing With the Stars culminated in tonight’s episode, an anniversary spectacular filled with as many sequins and skin-baring outfits as a fan would expect.

Stars and pros past and present were on hand to mark the occasion on the dance floor. Aside from its hardcore nostalgia factor, the special featured an insane opening number (including almost 50 stars, judges, hosts, pros, and a pregnant Katherine Jenkins!) and drop-ins from fan favorites.

It was a star-studded hour, but here are three of our favorite moments of the night:

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'Eras Night'

A staple in the DWTS franchise, “Eras Night” has returned! The popular theme gives the stars the chance to perform dance routines inspired by specific decade. Of course the favorites (Nastia, Rumer, Riker and Willow) continue to please the judges—no matter the era.

But that’s not to say everything went off without a hitch this week. Derek had to bow out of the contest after suffering an injury, leaving Nastia with a new partner. And that wasn’t the only injury this week: Rumer was hurt too, just hours before competing.

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'Spring Break Night'

Even though “Spring Break Night” had some skin-baring outfits, unlike many co-eds’ wild getaways, it was something we’ll all remember. Frontrunners like Riker, Nastia, and Rumer continued to pull ahead, but not all of the competition did so hot individually. Luckily for the underdogs, there’s strength in numbers, and this week’s group performances gave everyone a boost.

Here’s who surfed their way to the top of the leader board—and who was sent packing.

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'Disney Night'

Wow! What a (Disney) World of Fun tonight’s Dancing With the Stars was!

But first things first: My name’s Jeff—I’m a writer at People, EW’s sister publication, and I’ll be stepping in to recap DWTS. I’m looking forward to watching the rest of the season with you all. Full disclosure: I have a soft spot in my heart for Shark Tank and Robert Herjavec—and those baby blues of his…

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