Jeremy Medina

Hypernova: Can an Iranian rock band make it in America?

When it comes to dedication to your craft, Iranian dark-rock imports Hypernova pretty much trump every other band out there. They started playing together when rock music was forbidden in Iran, so the five-member group would play shows in secret, constantly on-guard on the off-chance the authorities would bust in and they'd have to scamper away on foot. Like I said: dedication.

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Green Day's new '21 Guns' video: Watch it here

Green Day's “Know Your Enemy” was a perfectly fine – if unadventurous and slightly repetitive – lead-off single to 21st Century Breakdown, but prospects are already looking brighter for the group's melancholic follow-up, “21 Guns.” Why? Well, It's a much better song, with its melodic hook and soaring guitars. (Billie Joe hitting that high note on “gun” is perfection, too.)

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