Jesse North

Mall cops are hot in Hollywood

Hollywood has found its next marketable archetype, a species known as the shopping-center security guard. Kevin James’ Paul Blart: Mall Cop recently bowed to $39.2 million, putting the heat on Seth Rogen’s similar-themed Observe and Report (out April 10), while Fox just picked up a mall-cop comedy pilot. Perhaps in this economy, Hollywood wants to give some mundane occupations a second look.

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Broadway producers hold auditions for in-house psychic


I’ve heard that theater folk are superstitious. There’s the tradition of the ghost light (leaving a light on in the theater during the night) and never mentioning the title of “the Scottish play” when in a production of William Shakespeare’s Macb…um, classic tragedy. But how about hiring a psychic to summon the spirit of a dead playwright?

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Familiar reality show faces

MTV’s Bromance (Mondays, 9 p.m.) is Brody Jenner’s fifth reality-show appearance. Where does he fit in the pantheon of repeat reality offenders? (Tallies include one-offs like Fear Factor appearances.)

Danny BonaduceWho’s the star now, David Cassidy? 6 shows

Trishelle Cannatella 9 shows

Barry Williams 5 shows

Jonny ”Fairplay” DaltonEnough shows to kill off all his relatives 6 shows

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MP3 players: Rating five under $200

IPOD NANO (8GB) $149;

The fourth-generation nano is a thing of beauty as well as a feat of engineering: Apple has crammed a lot of technology into its very svelte (.24-inch-thick) player. When you hold it in your hands, it has a barely there feel. And the finish on the curved-aluminum chassis is so smooth and glossy, you’ll want to rub it until a genie comes out.

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Plots for a recession-stricken TV lineup

Something tells us it won’t be long before the current financial plight gets a prime-time spotlight. Here’s how a few shows could incorporate the economic crisis.

Gossip Girl After a sad-sack dinner at Applebee’s (on the menu: Nachos Nuevos and light beer), Serena and Blair head to Old Navy for some retail therapy and end up fighting over the last paisley tunic.

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