Jim Farber

Norah Jones' Day Breaks: EW Review

What kind of music does Norah Jones make? On her five previous solo albums, her songs cozied up to folk, country, blues, R&B, and Spaghetti Western rock. A compilation of her prolific collaborations (….Featuring Norah Jones), brought hip-hop to the party. Together, it painted Jones as the Schweppes of musical partners: Clearly, she can mix well with any sound.

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Every Britney Spears song, ranked

Over the course of her 18-year career as a solo artist, Britney Spears has shown herself to be many things: an innocent high-schooler, a not-that-innocent intergalactic temptress, a tabloid target, a brand ambassador for Cheetos. But like her forebears Madonna and Michael Jackson, she’s also redefined what it means to be a modern pop star, pushing the limits of controversy with her racy performances and magazine covers while setting trends in everything form tween-friendly bubblegum pop to electronic dance music.

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Barbra Streisand's ENCORE and Celine Dion's Encore un Soir: EW Review

Divas demand encores—Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion know that. On new albums, both released the same day, two of the biggest voices in pop have stuck that word right in their album titles. But in an era when the D-word might conjure images of Beyoncé or Adele, these two stars are proving they still deserve a place on the stage.

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The Descendents' Hypercaffium Spazzinate: EW Review

On their first album in a dozen years, seminal West Coast punk band The Descendents address a nation full of nut cases. It’s a land full of apathetic citizens with depressed friends who feed their kids drugs to fight their A.D.D. and take steroids to feel manly. To sate the pain, they pine for burgers and fries, which they can’t eat because their veins are clogged enough to cause a coronary.

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Taylor Swift isn’t the first artist to write under a pseudonym: Here are 8 more

The internet erupted Wednesday morning when news broke that Taylor Swift penned Calvin Harris’ smash single “This Is What You Came For” under the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg. And with good reason: After the conclusion of her epic 1989 touring cycle, “This Is What You Came For” marks another chart triumph for Swift — the song has so far peaked at No.

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Neil Young + Promise of the Real's Earth: EW Review

Scores of musicians have written songs about the birds and the bees.

Neil Young may be the first to feature them in an actual recording.

On his immersive new album, Earth, cackling geese, buzzing bees and scores of other species act as sidemen to Young’s crying guitar and keening voice. Nature invades the recording the same way it does the man-made world: as a sobering, and redeeming, reminder of its superior power and scope.

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Little Big Town's Wanderlust: EW Review

Two years after Little Big Town entered the mainstream with their Grammy-nominated hit “Girl Crush,” they’re moving into a whole new state on their new album. They abandoned Nashville’s local color to roam freely through the world of pop. To help them realize their “Wanderlust,” they hired producer Pharrell, but it seems the shake-up cut both ways.

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