John Squires, President

It's a Girl Thing!

”Who was your worst interview ever?”

Now, EW writers can probably recall plenty of less-than-stellar moments with the stars, but on April 25 an inquisitive group of girl reporters, ages 9 to 15, posed that question to MTV News correspondent SuChin Pak at the magazine’s 10th annual Take Our Daughters to Work Day. Pak initially demurred on naming names, but after being peppered with the inquiry several times, she eventually broke down. Off the record, of course.

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Designing Woman

Last June, the American Society of Magazine Editors began searching for a first-rate graphic artist to design a reader-friendly cover for its second annual collection, The Best American Magazine Writing 2001. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY’s managing editor, James W. Seymore Jr. – a member of ASME’s board of directors – realized he knew the perfect candidate…and she was sitting down the hall from his office.

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Ana Gasteyer Gets Grilled by the Daughters of EW

From the mouths of babes: after interviewing Saturday Night Live comedian Ana Gasteyer (she of the ”Martha Stewart’s Topless Christmas” skit), A TOPLESS COMIC BARES ALL all was just one of the more provocative headlines dreamed up by intrepid girl reporters during EW’s eighth annual Take Our Daughters to Work Day.

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GLAAD Tidings for EW

To most of our readers, the highest endorsement we as a magazine have received from anyone in the gay community was when the lead characters on Will & Grace grabbed a copy of Entertainment Weekly to play their favorite catty game, ”Love Her, Hate Him.” Well, with all due respect to that wacky, 50-percent-gay duo, some less-conspicuous congratulations have made us even prouder.

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Daughters take EW by storm

Six years ago, when Entertainment Weekly first celebrated Take Our Daughters to Work Day, magazine journalism was a new concept to the gaggle of 9- to 15-year-old attendees. This year, the 37 girls (nearly half of them EW D-Day veterans) took to the day’s activities — creating a mini-magazine — like seasoned professionals. Less than halfway through MTV VJ Ananda Lewis’ tutorial on interviewing techniques, our pint-size guest reporters turned the tables and started peppering Lewis with questions.

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President's Letter: Ab 'Fab 400'

It would be nice to point to a precedent, to note that when the first millennium came to a close, Constantinople Weekly released its ”Ten Thousand Greatest Panpipers in Byzantium.” Alas, there are no precedents for how to wrap up a thousand years, and that’s not what we’re all about anyway.

Instead, as we approach the year 2000, we’ve decided to do what we do best: to concentrate on our own time, to review the people and events of the past 50 years or so that have shaped the pop culture of today.

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