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Watch Tori Amos' new video for 'Trouble's Lament' -- EXCLUSIVE

Tori Amos

In Tori Amos’ new video for the smoky single “Trouble’s Lament,” off her freshly released Unrepentant Geraldines, the fiery-haired singer croons, “Trouble needs a home, girls/She fell out with Satan, now she’s on the run,” as she sits in a diner watching three ladies – all named Trouble? – escape their dark pasts with some sly tricks and sleight of hand.

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That moment when Steven Tyler forgets the words to his own song -- VIDEO


Image Credit: Mark Davis/Getty Images

We’ve all been there. You start belting out a song you love – maybe after imbibing a few drinks – and you’re confident. You’re pretty sure you are Annie Lennox. Then comes the forgettable wasteland of the second verse, and you trail off into just making yodeling noises. Er…

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Macklemore denies concert costume was a Jewish stereotype


Image Credit: Suzi Pratt/FilmMagic

Macklemore decked himself out in a strange getup for a surprise performance at the EMP Museum in Seattle on Friday. Nothing out of the ordinary about that. Except instead of his usual “Thrift Shop” fare, he wore an oversized fake nose, black beard, and black wig. As everyone on Twitter has already pointed out, the costume appears to be a caricature of a Jewish man. Seth Rogen certainly thought so:

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