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'Idol': Jon Peter Lewis quizzes you

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‘Idol’: Jon Peter Lewis quizzes you

Welcome to the American Idol Top 8 Uninspired True/False quiz. [Insert clever comment about Idol not giving back here.] I’m Jon Peter Lewis and I’ll be your host. I’ll be listing some true and false statements and providing the correct answers. Let’s start with some easy ones:

I threw something at my TV. (True)

I didn’t destroy it as I hoped. (True)

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''Idol'': Jon Peter Lewis on ladies' night

Jon Peter Lewis, American Idol
”Idol”: Jon Peter Lewis on ladies’ night

And so it’s ladies night. Now with the second night of Idol watching, I’m feeling a little less enthusiastic about searching for our next big pop star. Three nights of Idol seems a bit too much to me. But while my favorites and not-so-favorites came and went across the TV, I felt my weariness turn to nostalgia. I remembered what it was like to have 30 million people analyzing everything down to the ring on my finger.

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''Idol'': Jon Peter Lewis as judge

Jon Peter Lewis
”Idol”: Jon Peter Lewis as judge

And so another year has come and gone, and once again we are spending a few hours out of the workday catching up on who from Idol was great and who we’d like to slap in the face. You know, I’m not usually so amped up about TV, or anything else, for that matter. Normally I enjoy sitting back and soaking things in apathetically, but something about Idol seems to pull me into my most critical self. I don’t know how I feel about that.

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