Katy Caldwell

On the Scene: 'Mortified' on Valentine’s Day


I have recently become smitten with the monthly stage show Mortified Live, billed as a “comic excavation of teen angst artifacts as shared by their original authors before total strangers.” So, it was fitting that I spent my Valentine’s Day at their “Doomed Valentines Show” in Los Angeles. The night only made my heart grow fonder.

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Never mind 'Umbrella,' what's YOUR song of summer 2007?

It seems like every year we have an roundtable discussion about the songs of summer, and they are always in the vein of “Fantastic Voyage,” “Hella Good,” and this year’s “Umbrella.” Those songs are just fine to head-bop to during those steamy months, but this week it occurred to me that maybe we individually have our own summer songs that are not what the Top 40 radio stations are spoon-feeding us.

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Thou Shalt Play This Game With Us

I’m addicted to the Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip song “Thou Shalt Always Kill” because the lyrics are infectious (plus he’s got a crazy Cockney accent, but that’s another story)! The first time I heard it, I almost had a car accident laughing. The second time I almost did too because I was listening so intently to catch EVERY genius line he spat out. How does he speak soooo fast??!!

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'Sons of Hollywood,' a.k.a. The Poor Man’s 'Entourage'


I relocated from New York City to Los Angeles a year ago, excited for a different urban experience, yet knowing I was entering the dreaded Mecca of Hollywood youth culture. Having successfully lived here a year avoiding it, I foolishly decided to watch the premier episode of A&E’s dreadful reality show Sons of Hollywood on demand this weekend.

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