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So You Think You Can Dance recap: 'The Next Generation: Top 10 Perform'

The academy has ended, but the kids on So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation are doing some schooling of their own. The top 10 finalists and their all-star mentors perform live for the first time on the SYTYCD stage, and is anyone else having a really hard time judging their technique? For me, it’s a mixture of not wanting to hurt their feelings and a healthy dose of pure jealousy, knowing they’re all so much better than I ever could have been at that age. I barely knew what contemporary was back then… To be honest, I’m still not sure I fully understand it.

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Pretty Little Liars season premiere recap: 'Tick Tock Bitches'

Aaaaaand we’re back!

Pretty Little Liars has teased season 7 as the “deadliest yet,” but there was one death that was never going to happen, no matter how many hashtags the Freeform social media team created: Hanna. Last year’s season 6 premiere showed us a flash-forward in which the Liars, including Hanna, warn Alison of a mysterious “him.”

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Gotham finale recap:
'Wrath of the Villains: Transference'

The Hugo Strange story line came to an abrupt halt on Monday’s season finale of Gotham, but what’s left me the most confused about “Wrath of the Villains: Transference” is the complete 180 of James Gordon. Is one drug-induced therapy session with Professor Strange really all it takes to lift decades of guilt and burden off of Gordon’s shoulders so much so that he shirks his desire for justice and protection of his city in what could be its greatest time of need?

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Mom finale react: Christy's off to college!

It was a quick and semi-happy season finale for Mom tonight, as Christy’s worries about college tuition and her daughter’s future reach very different conclusions (or new beginnings for season 4). Because Christy can’t have everything going right in her life, her troubles will never be over, but at least for now she can focus on being happy that her own life is rife with positive possibilities (Oof! A Marjorie-esque line like that has me rubbing my temples like Christy and Bonnie).

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Black-ish finale recap: 'Good-ish Times'

If there were ever a time for Dre to be thankful for his family, tonight’s episode of Black-ish would be it. On the series’ season 2 finale, Dre’s worries about layoffs continued and didn’t really get a resolution. And yet, by the end of the episode, fears about the Johnsons’ future were a distant memory as the family proved once again, in both gravy dream and reality, why they are one of the most supportive and stable families on television.

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Gotham recap:
'Wrath of the Villains: A Legion of Horribles'

And thus concludes another episode of The Bad Guys Always Win.

From the return of Fish to Ed’s killer new gig for Hugo Strange, “A Legion of Horribles” set up what is sure to be an explosive finale of Hugo Strange and his monsters vs. everyone else. Tonight, we also caught a glimpse of Hugo’s employer (henceforth known as the Masked Lady), and what his monsters can really do.

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Black-ish recap: 'Daddy Dre-Care'

Time and time again, Black-ish has proved one thing above pretty much all else: Bow is a wonderful mother. It’s something Dre holds to be an undeniable fact, even as he worries about his own insecurities as a father. In fact, having been raised by a single mother, Dre is uniquely aware of just how important and heroic mothers really are to their children. And as we see later in the episode, Dre’s respect for motherhood is increased tenfold when Bow announces she’s pregnant!

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Criminal Minds finale react: The 'Storm' has come

No good deed goes unpunished. And the BAU’s most-recent punishment for all their crime-solving good deeds is a real doozy. Criminal Minds’ season 11 finale ended without anyone’s life in the balance nor another departing BAU member. Instead, the team finds themselves gearing up to go head to head with a few skeletons from their past.

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Black-ish recap: 'Super Rich Kids'

It’s safe to say that one of the main themes of Black-ish is that, more often than not, Dre’s insecurities become the crux of not only the episode, but all the problems, high jinks, and shenanigans the family then must experience. That’s what makes Black-ish so funny and relatable. Parents have so many concerns and insecurities about raising their children — and for good reason.

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