Kelli Bamforth

Conviction recap: 'A Different Kind of Death'

The Conviction Integrity Unit’s five-day deadline for each new case has been mostly arbitrary, a time limit imposed by Conner (i.e. the showrunners) as a means of injecting extra drama into each hour. Until now, that is. This week, the team’s race against the clock takes on a whole new meaning because this time, a man’s life hangs in the balance. And coincidentally, his execution is exactly — you guessed it — five days away.

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Gilmore Girls: All the pop culture references in A Year in a Life

A reference to John Oliver and Amy Schumer didn’t make it into the Gilmore Girls revival, but plenty of famous names, places, and things were cited by Lorelai, Rory, Emily, and Co. during Gilmore Girls: A Year in a Life. Ahead, a full list of the many, many references (and make sure to leave any we missed in the comments section).

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Conviction recap: '#StayWoke'

I wasn’t prepared for the emotional gut-punch that was this week’s Conviction. Given everything that’s happened over the past week — let alone the past few years — it all felt a little too real, a little too raw, to open at the scene of a protest for racial equality that ends in the shooting death of a police officer. But this is TV at its best, when it forces you to confront the hard truths and uncomfortable realities of the world we’re living in.

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Conviction recap: 'The 1 Percent Solution'

Conviction is very obviously a case-of-the-week procedural and a shameless attempt at replicating the success of another ABC property currently on hiatus: Shonda Rhimes’ Scandal. Both shows center on strong, intelligent, beautiful, take-no-prisoners female leads who are eventually revealed to be somewhat morally ambiguous women with scandalous (pardon the pun) pasts. The truth, though, is their pasts just so happen to be infinitely more interesting than that of their clients, at least usually.

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