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So You Think You Can Dance recap: 'The Next Generation: Top 4 Perform'

Now that’s a horse of a lot of neon colors.

Technically, tonight’s performance was the dancers’ last chance to fight for your votes, but it felt more like a victory lap. The top four picked their favorite routines of the season. The judges told them all how much they’d grown. Remember feeling like one pirouette (Jeanine) in the last performance round could decide everything? This wasn’t like that. But that’s okay! They’re kids; no need to add to the pressure. And the clothes were great.

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Catfish: YouTube star Andrea Russett recalls 'stalker incidents' in exclusive sneak peek

The Catfish team is about to face the latest in its long run of fame-based scams.

YouTuber Andrea Russett has dealt with fake online profiles before, but when profiles surface pretending to be members of her family, she enlists the Catfish team to help sort it out. In this exclusive clip from Wednesday’s episode, Russett worries that the imitators might be connected to a stalker she has dealt with in the past.

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The Office stars Jenna Fischer, Angela Kinsey reunite

The people person’s paper company lives on.

Jenna Fischer and The Office costar Angela Kinsey brought a bit of the Electric City to their own backyards on Tuesday. “Reunited!” Fischer tweeted. “We’ve been working in different cities for months. Finally got to see my BFF!” Her hashtags added that their kids were enjoying a playdate while the former Office-mates caught up. Is it too early to hope for a next-generation Dunder Mifflin documentary?

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So You Think You Can Dance recap: 'The Next Generation: Top 5 Perform + Elimination'

So You Think You Can Dance, you don’t look a day over 249.

We’ve arrived at the 250th episode of the little dance show that could, and to celebrate the big occasion, the kids get to stay up past their bedtimes and perform routines they choreographed all by themselves. Don’t cue up the sad power ballad just yet — they’re actually really good. Is this how parents feel when their kids learn to bike without training wheels? We’ll never be needed again!

Let’s get to it, before Cat embarrasses herself* in front of Savion Glover.

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SYTYCD: Travis Wall on what inspired his Emmy-nominated routines

There’s a lot involved in taking a routine from an idea to an Emmy-nominated reality — but as choreographer Travis Wall will tell you, it happens quickly. Three of Wall’s pieces, which were performed on So You Think You Can Dance, make up his 2016 Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Choreography; each number was choreographed in a matter of hours, and each hour brought its own challenges, from a complex lighting concept to the unveiling of a story that hit close to home. Below, Wall walks EW through the routines and shares a few behind-the-scenes secrets.

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Showtime bosses on why they didn't tell you about Penny Dreadful

Had Penny Dreadful returned for a fourth season, it would have looked as new as one of Victor Frankenstein’s creations.

Showtime’s Gothic horror series surprised fans when its season 3 finale ended with the death of Eva Green’s Vanessa Ives — and an ominous title card reading, “The End.” The unexpected series finale originated with creator John Logan, who, according to Showtime programming president Gary Levine, “didn’t want to cast a pall on the final season.”

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