Kera Bolonik

'Project Runway' prose

Is Project Runway judge Michael Kors a poet who doesn’t even know it? Stitch together a few of his best bons mots from this season and it sure seems that way.

It Looks Like… Petals here, petals there Like toilet paper caught in a windstorm A Handi Wipe gone wrong It’s got a pocket, it’s got a piece, it’s got a panel It’s five dresses in one A very ’80s Joan Collins powerbitch dress But even curvy girls don’t want fins.

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''30 Rock'' is just like ''The Mary Tyler Moore Show''

”30 Rock” is just like ”The Mary Tyler Moore Show”

MARY RICHARDS (Mary Tyler Moore) & LIZ LEMON (Tina Fey) Both thirtysomethings work on struggling TV shows. Both ditch creepy boyfriends (Mary a commitment-phobic doctor, Liz the last remaining beeper salesman in New York City), only to suffer through a city’s vast population of unsuitable suitors. And both endure oppressive bosses, named…

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