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On the set of ''Northern Exposure''

It’s probably the most visited log cabin on TV since Grizzly Adams’ — if cabin is the right word for a place with a 1,000-square-foot living room and a dining table that seats 18. Northern Exposure’s Maurice Minnifield, the ex- NASA jock (played by Barry Corbin) who splashed down in the one state big enough to hold his bluster, calls it home.

”We wanted to give him a castle that’s commensurate with the size of the character,” explains Exposure cocreator Joshua Brand, ”a monument to himself.”

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Stephen King's terrifying TV movie

The movie: It, ABC’s version of the Stephen King 1986 best-seller. The setting: a Cantonese restaurant on the outskirts of Vancouver, B.C., where dessert is about to be served.

A special-effects engineer smears petroleum jelly on the lip of a rubber fortune cookie screwed to the table, then ducks below to manipulate metal rods and wires that control the confection’s innards.

Above the table, actor Richard Thomas watches as the cookie begins to convulse. A hairy, six-inch-long spider leg pops out. It flexes, like a beckoning finger.

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A ''Twin Peaks'' travelogue

You won’t find the town of Twin Peaks on a Washington state highway map. But it’s there, all right.

Just get off the interstate 25 miles southeast of Seattle, soon after you start climbing into the Cascade Mountains. Then head north to North Bend and Snoqualmie.

First stop: North Bend (pop. 2,275) and the Mar T Cafe. In Twin Peaks, it’s called the Double R Diner. Note the poster of loggers with the words ”Endangered Species” in the window.

Don’t: Talk loudly about saving old-growth forests.

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