Lawrence Ferber

'Oz' And Effect

If Law & Order: SVU cop Christopher Meloni is convincing as a con in HBO’s Oz, maybe it’s because he once really spent a night in the slammer. ”I had a barroom brawl,” says the actor of a Washington, D.C., incident in the early ’80s. (He says the misdemeanor battery charges were soon dropped.) ”When they open the paddy wagon, I see that the other guy is already in there! I turn and go, ‘This is a really bad idea.’ We’re handcuffed behind our backs, and this guy starts kicking me and weaseling his hands around.

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Nose Encounters

Nicole Kidman put her nose to the grindstone in this month’s The Hours. The star was fitted with a beak-like schnozz for her role as novelist Virginia Woolf. ”I loved it,” she gushes. ”The paparazzi would be outside my trailer and I’d use a different name when I walked out and they’d have no idea it was me.” Costar Miranda Richardson was so taken with the faux snout – ”supreme, astonishingly applied,” raves the actress – that she pined for an appendage of her own. ”A trunk or something like that,” Richardson modestly proposes.

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Behind the Scenes

While Greg Kinnear took some risks to play murdered Hogan’s Heroes star and kink-meister Bob Crane in the biopic Auto Focus, he didn’t have to drop trou when his character did amateur porn. But the actor was allowed to choose his own stunt rump for the film, due out next month. Was there a lineup? ”We couldn’t find a one-way mirror, so that wouldn’t have worked,” Kinnear, uh, cracks. ”They just sent photographs over of the possibilities. I was told I could sign off on body A, B, or C. It’s weird because I don’t know what my butt looks like – I can’t see it.

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