Lesley O'Toole

Pamela Anderson too sexy for London Underground

British propriety is alive and well and working against Pamela Anderson. Although Baywatch is enormously popular in London, an ad featuring the buxom babe was recently rejected by the London Underground system, known to locals as the Tube. The poster’s one of several that feature Anderson modeling swimsuits for the Sweden-based department store Hennes. ”We assess all Tube advertising,” said Robert Thurner of TDI, London Underground’s media contractor, ”and thought [the ad] might cause offense to the traveling public.

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There’s so much to admire in director Gus Van Sant’s unique and personable My Own Private Idaho — one so visually arresting that it actually invites the use of the pause button — as we follow the travels, both interior and exterior, of two Portland, Ore., street hustlers. Van Sant (Drugstore Cowboy) grapples gamely with two great themes: the quest for a home and the search for the love of a parent.

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