Megan Lewis

See the cover for Pumpkin, The Raccoon Who Thought She Was a Dog

It’s not every day you get to see a raccoon who self-identifies as a dog, but today we’ve got you covered. Pumpkin the raccoon fell from a tree when she was one month old and broke her hind leg. She was adopted by Laura and William Young, and she’s been building a fan base on social media, particularly Instagram, ever since.

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Grandfathered recap: 'Baby Model'

This week’s episode of Grandfathered is all about Edie, and it’s almost too much cuteness to handle. Edie is spending the day with Jimmy so her parents can build her some furniture. Conflict, of course, arises when Gerald asks where Jimmy is taking Edie. After the predictable amount of complaining, Jimmy agrees to take Edie to a museum. Of course, they don’t actually go.

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Steve Harvey to reunite with Miss Universe & Miss Colombia for two-day special

Steve Harvey made a very public mistake when he announced the incorrect winner of the 2015 Miss Universe pageant. And during a two-day Steve Harvey special, he’ll come face-to-face once more with the true winner, Miss Universe (Pia Wurtzbach), and the first runner-up, Miss Colombia (Ariadna Gutiérrez). 

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Grandfathered recap: 'The Sat Pack'

Horror of horrors: Jimmy has realized his idea of an exciting night out is running into Edie in the grocery store and discovering that they’ve selected the same snacks. His staff, particularly Ravi, are disappointed in his lack of titillating adventures, so Jimmy sets out to prove that he’s still just as exciting as he’s always been.

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See an exclusive 12-minute sneak peek at Hit the Floor season 3

The last time we saw what was going on with the Devils (a fictional Los Angeles basketball team), they had just won the championship, their owner had just been arrested for murder, and German, Ahsha’s boyfriend, was revealed to be Olivia Vincent’s killer. Now they’re back, and if this 12-minute glimpse at the premiere is any indication, this season is set to be just as sexy and scandalous.

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Keith Urban on David Bowie: 'He was always leading the charge'

Keith Urban joined a long line of celebrities paying tribute to the late David Bowie yesterday. “I was watching the news this morning, and someone was referring to him as a musical chameleon,” he told Storme Warren of SiriusXM’s The Highway. “And I love the fact that the guy said, ‘But he was so not a chameleon.’ Because a chameleon was about fitting in, and Bowie never fit in.

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