Megan Quitkin

'Toon Up

Cartoons aren’t just for Saturday mornings. Now they’re also about stepping out on Saturday night. NYC’s 1 on g boutique sells Astro Boy tees, while Heatherette’s Hello Kitty Couture clothes and accessories have found fans in Christina Aguilera and the Hilton sisters. Helmut Lang featured Felix the Cat tops and a dress on the runway, and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac just slipped a Mickey (Mouse, that is) on summer frocks. Pink-haired cyberpixie Eyeko appears on Nina and Max Leykind’s products – popular with Kylie Minogue and Cameron Diaz.

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Hidden Assets?

Don’t believe the hype! While reported that Beanie Sigel’s State Property clothing (hitting stores this holiday season) will boast pockets for concealing weapons, Rocawear CEO Damon Dash, who will distribute the line under his company’s umbrella, objects: ”We do not make pants with gun holsters.” The garments will, however, resemble a more affordable version of Rocawear, the ghetto-fabulous line favored by Madonna, Will Smith, and Chloe Sevigny.

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Straight Story

Humidity has met its match. Thermal reconditioning, a six-year-old Japanese hair-straightening procedure, is sweeping the States as the pin-straight look proves its fashion longevity. ”I’ve had women say it changed their lives,” says Sonja Sartorius (, who has been performing the hair operation for two years. Julianne Moore, Lauren Graham, and Tyra Banks have all undergone thermal reconditioning ($350-$850), which uses an acid-based solution and irons heated to 180 degrees.

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No Sweat

Who knew sweats-loving shlubs would have a fashion moment? Jennifer Lopez, who has her own activewear line, wears a pink hoodie and shorts in her ”I’m Real” video with Ja Rule. Frankie B., Bella Dahl, Sean John, and Roc-A-Wear all offer variations on the velour, fleece, or terry suits, while L.A.-based Juicy Couture, which introduced its sweats nearly two years ago, counts Madonna and Gwen Stefani as fans, as well as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Garner, and Cameron Diaz.

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Edible Complex

Atkins diet addicts may prefer protein, but bread and sweets — at least the wearable kind — are currying favor with jewelry junkies. It started, as most fashion trends do, on Sex and the City, where Sarah Jessica Parker sported a gold pretzel pendant. And food-inspired jewelry is everywhere this spring: NYC designer Jennifer Kellogg transformed marshmallow bunnies into seasonally available — and now sold-out — jewelry (; were $160).

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Do You Bamboo?

Goodbye, green tea. Hello, bamboo. Along with being a panda’sfavorite food, bamboo is one of spring’s surprising fashionstatements. Gucci has created a bamboo clutch for the season, aswell as a sandal with bamboo stiletto, and Shiseido incorporatesthe plant into ”Zen” body treatments. Even TV’s Survivor:Marquesas is in on the trend: A recent episode had the castawaysbuilding rafts out of bamboo poles as part of a rewardchallenge.

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Romper Stomper

Music and fashion have found yet another way to commingle: RockStar Baby, the brainchild of Bon Jovi’s Tico Torres and designerCinzia Spalletti, who opened a clothing store for newborn to2-year-old screaming fans. With its leather pants and studdedbiker jackets, the NYC boutique ( has alreadymade groupies out of U2’s Bono, Cindy Crawford, Michael Douglasand Catherine Zeta-Jones, and, of course, Jon Bon Jovi and SteveVan Zandt, who cradle infants in the company’s ads.

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Courteney Cox Makes Soaking Cool

You know cocooning has reached new heights when doing laundry gets the luxe treatment. Designer cleaning products and bags make wash day something to look forward to. Christina Aguilera purchased an Anna Moi embroidered laundry sack ($38 at L.A.’s Jennifer Kaufman), and unlikely washerwomen Kate Moss and Liv Tyler picked up Tocca’s Laundry Delicate detergent ($12.50) for their fine washables. Bloom/Archive’s Prairie Chic detergents come in scents like ”rainwashed rhinestones” ($16-24); and Caldrea’s linen sprays ($10) come in aromatherapy-inspired white clover.

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Karim Rashid Chess Set

It may be child’s play next to the living, breathing life-size board in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, but Rashid’s acrylic citrus-colored version ($50, is definitely prettier—and less dangerous. CHECKMATE Cairo-born product designer Rashid (author of the art book I Want to Change the World) is best known for his Issey Miyake perfume bottles, the Umbra ”Garbo” trash can, and products for Prada, Tommy Hilfiger, and Sony.

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