Michael Endelman

Spotlight on Gordon Ramsay

This afternoon, the chef once dubiously featured on the TV show Britain’s Unbearable Bosses isn’t quite living up to his title. Gordon Ramsay — who’s notorious for demoralizing his kitchen staff and was even arrested in 1999 for allegedly beating up his pastry chef (the charges were dropped) — briskly strides onto the L.A. set of his Fox series Hell’s Kitchen (Mondays at 9 p.m.) as if he were a cheery Londoner on holiday.

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Adam Schlesinger's musical resume

Adam Schlesinger, 39, is best known for penning ultrasticky power pop (think 2003’s ”Stacy’s Mom”). But did you know the Fountains of Wayne bassist also writes music for ads (the Maryland State Lottery), TV (the ‘Crank Yankers’ theme), film (‘Music and Lyrics’), and Broadway (‘Cry-Baby’), in addition to producing? On the occasion of FOW’s hit album ‘Traffic & Weather,’ the Jersey native shares his multitrade secrets.

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''Entourage'': Ari counterattacks

Jeremy Piven
”Entourage”: Ari counterattacks

It’s been seven months since the last episode of Entourage. That’s 28 weeks without my favorite Sunday-night palate cleanser. And though I loved the Titus Pullo-Lucius Vorenus duo in Rome, it just didn’t serve the same purpose of closing off the week with the requisite dose of bro humor, starlet eye candy, Hollywood inside jokes, automobile porn, and ricocheting dialogue.

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In Iggy Pop: Open Up and Bleed, Paul Trynka details the punk icon’s peaks (the David Bowie years) and valleys (homeless in L.A.).

Bad Behavior Thinking it was cocaine, Bebe Buell snorted a line Iggy offered her. It was heroin.

Lowdown Trynka thrillingly depicts Iggy’s battle between his ambitious ego and his reckless id.

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The current R&B charts are filled with filthy come-ons courtesy of crass horndogs like Akon and Pretty Ricky. Enter Philadelphia singer Musiq Soulchild, whose fourth album of gently funky neo-soul, Luvanmusiq, debuted at No. 1 last week, proving that there still is a market for a charmer among the sleazebags. His urbane, sensitive-guy exterior, however, hides yet another man with a one-track mind. ”I pulled out her chair so that we could leave,” he sings on ”Ms. Philadelphia.” His next line? ”Can you spend the night with me?”

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This Chicago trio occupies an awkward space in the hard-rock universe: Their technically complex metal isn’t as arty or challenging as modern-prog titans Tool, yet they can’t match the radio-friendly refrains of Nickelback. Nothing’s changed drastically on their third major-label CD, Vena Sera. The hard-charging sound occasionally thrills: Sinewy first single ”Well Enough Alone” and punkish ”Brainiac” have heart-racing appeal. But Chevelle’s reliance on a formula — chugging intro, choppy verses, clouds-parting choruses — begins to bore.

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The 2007 SXSW Music Fest

South by Southwest, the ever-expanding 20-year-old music festival, convened again in beer-soaked, BBQ-scented Austin on March 14. For four days, the once-intimate gathering proved its industry mettle by drawing both fresh blood and living legends alike — not to mention big sponsors such as Microsoft and Toyota. Below, a recap of the rockin’ events.

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