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Inside the making of Nirvana's iconic Nevermind album cover

Twenty-five years ago this month, Nirvana released their second album, Nevermind, which unleashed grunge upon the mainstream and changed rock and roll forever. While the music was certainly groundbreaking, so was the record’s cover art: it showed a naked, 4-month-old, submerged in water, swimming towards a dollar bill attached to a fish hook. Back in 1992, EW got the inside story of how the iconic image came together through interviews with the photographer and art director. Revisit the story below.

“Okay, throw the baby in the pool now.”

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'House' recap: Kindness is its own reward

Hugh Laurie, House, ...
‘House’ recap: Kindness is its own reward

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What a very special episode of It’s A Wonderful Hospital…er…House.

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'House' recap: Working it out

Hugh Laurie, House, ...
‘House’ recap: Working it out

How come I never get the “Cake” prescription for whatever ails me but the lying fitness guru who came out as a gastric bypass surgery patient got to eat fat and sugar to cure her illness (even though she chose a pill option instead)? Because life is unfair, of course.

Last night’s episode of House featured a lot of unfairness deals.

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'House' recap: The ties that bind us

‘House’ recap: The ties that bind us

In last night’s opening sequence of House we found a woman pleading with her factory coworker for a monetary donation to help a comrade. A young woman who seemed to be the shop foreman tried to persuade the guy to part with some coin because his stricken pal had helped out Mr. Cheapskate in the past.

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'House' recap: It would never work out

‘House’ recap: It would never work out

Music nerds have a saying about songs: “Don’t bore us, get to the chorus.” I personally am not a fan of noodling — endless, meandering guitar-noise explorations. And some of these House episodes feel like filler. Like this one. So it took an entire episode to get House back to Cuddy’s door before he walked away to the sounds of Big Star’s “I’m In Love a Girl” (nice music choice here, though).

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'House' recap: The good doctor

‘House’ recap: The good doctor

This episode of House, about a lonely, anhedonic, and coke-addled sleepwalker who suffered unexplained blackouts, ended with a scene so shocking that I felt like House had jabbed my heart with a needle full of epinephrine. And I am not talking about House making up with Cuddy by making out with her in the hallway of her home after she lost her would-be adopted baby, Joy.

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