Missy Elliott

Who's making deals in the week of Jan. 28, 2005

MOVIES In 2002’s The Good Girl, Jennifer Aniston proved she wasn’t afraid of a little grit. Now, in Nicole Holofcener’s (Lovely & Amazing) comedy Friends With Money, Ms. Separated-From-Brad is scrubbing it! ”The movie’s about four friends,” says producer Anthony Bregman about characters played by Aniston, Frances McDormand, Catherine Keener, and Joan Cusack. Jennifer’s ”doesn’t have the money everyone else does. She cleans houses for a living.” Picture it: Aniston with a toilet brush!…

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Aaliyah: 1.16.1979-8.25.2001

I met Aaliyah about six years ago. She was doing her second album and looking for a new sound. Me and Timbaland were trying to get started, and we brought some tracks to her, and she loved them. We wound up doing eight tracks on her album. She was sincerely sweet. Me and Tim were unknown producers then and Aaliyah was a platinum artist. We thought she’d be some sort of uppity megasuperstar, but when we met her, she treated us as if we were Timbaland and Missy today, as though we had a name. She made us feel like family—very warm.

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