Nadia Turner

'Idol': Is David Cook unstoppable?

David Cook, Nadia Turner, ...
‘Idol’: Is David Cook unstoppable?

Andrew Lloyd Webber was the mentor of the evening — and what a mentor he is! Man, I would have given my left arm to be in the same room with that man. Genius, I say! He breathes life into musical theater. I can write this whole article on him alone, but I won’t torture you with all that razzamatazz. :) C’mon, that was good and you know it!

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'Idol': Nadia Turner on ladies night

Nadia Turner, American Idol
‘Idol’: Nadia Turner on ladies night

You’re in the Coca-Cola room. All eight ladies are scattered in various areas, some attempting to fit in a small vocal warm-up, stretching, waving to family and friends in the audience, getting pep talks, or laughing with the staff. Some of us just sit in silence meditating on our upcoming performance. Some of us find ourselves remembering the friend who was eliminated the previous week. Our nerves are off the charts.

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