Neal Karlen

Just for Laughs

A young woman whose name tag reads ”Veronique” looks and sounds like a Parisian art student. She also looks as if she has just eaten too many Hostess Twinkies. Her apparent nausea is understandable: After long days behind the information desk at the eighthhannual Just for Laughs Montreal International Comedy Festival, she is suffering from Comedian Overload. ”Zey comedians just don’t know,” she says with a sigh, ”how to stop zhticking.”

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Bass fishing with Bob Cobb

Bob Cobb, founding producer of the acclaimed TV fishing show The Bassmasters, is considered the Fellini of angling. But the look in Cobb’s eye this moment isn’t an artist’s gleam but a soldier’s thousand-yard stare. The object of his gaze — a 300-pound Arkansas fisherman — is on a boat several feet off the bow of Cobb’s vessel. Despite the fact that nothing has happened all morning, Cobb keeps his eyes locked on the keeper-sized fisherman as he casts into northern Florida’s Little Lake Harris.

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