Nick Francis

Don Henley and Henry David Thoreau

Walden Pond is no Hotel California. Still, rockin’ friend of the earth Don Henley has been doing some serious stumping to keep 19th-century philosopher/author Henry David Thoreau’s hangout, Walden Woods in Massachusetts, from the clutches of developers. (So far, 23,000 copies of a Henley-inspired collection of essays, Heaven Is Under Our Feet, have been sold, with royalties going to the Walden Woods Project.) Are Henry and Henley natural allies? Judge for yourself:

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Farce's future

Perhaps slapstick hasn’t taken its ultimate pratfall. If the slices of success enjoyed by farcical summer hits The Naked Gun 2 1/2 and Hot Shots! are any indication, directors will be throwing more meringue-filled pies than ever before. It might work like this:

Jonathan Demme Throws pie. Anthony Hopkins eats baker.

Federico Fellini Throws pie, hitting fat woman’s breast. Midget claps.

Spike Lee Throws pie. Incites mob to burn down bakery.

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