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'Battlestar Galactica': Hey, Apollo, get a haircut!


There’s no denying that this season of our beloved Battlestar Galactica has been pretty fantastic. But, PopWatchers, something’s been bugging me, and I can’t hold it in any longer: Ever since burning hunk of man Apollo left Galactica, his hair has slowly grown into an approximation of Patrick Swayze’s ‘do circa Dirty Dancing.

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What book/movie/TV series do you revisit over and over and over (mine's 'LotR')


This weekend was an historical one (for me), PopWatchers: I finished re-reading The Lord of the Rings for the 10th year in a row. And to all the haters about to hit the “Comment” button: I’ve heard it all before. “Why re-read that boring garbage? Why not read other books?” Worry not. I do read other books. But LotR is special.

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Why you shouldn't watch awards shows with Tina Fey haters


Good morning, PopWatchers! It’s exceptionally good for me, because anything seems better than having to endure the Golden Globes with a roommate who thinks he’s above all that “trivial stuff.” As my lovely friend Jessica said last night, “Why was he watching?” So, for your benefit, here’s a list of people you should never, ever watch an awards show with:

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Familiar reality show faces

MTV’s Bromance (Mondays, 9 p.m.) is Brody Jenner’s fifth reality-show appearance. Where does he fit in the pantheon of repeat reality offenders? (Tallies include one-offs like Fear Factor appearances.)

Danny BonaduceWho’s the star now, David Cassidy? 6 shows

Trishelle Cannatella 9 shows

Barry Williams 5 shows

Jonny ”Fairplay” DaltonEnough shows to kill off all his relatives 6 shows

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In the box office bomb Swing Vote, an obnoxious man-child (Kevin Costner) becomes the single voter on whom the presidential election hinges. Both candidates pervert their platforms to court him, leading ? to a supposedly valuable lesson about the U.S. electoral system. The similarly lifeless EXTRAS, including deleted scenes and a making-of doc, add nothing to the ticket. ?C

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