Peter Occhiogrosso

The Spi¨al Tap discography

* Break Like the Wind Tap’s new album presents both the ultimate enigma and the ultimate challenge to the group’s credibility. Daringly interlarding hot new tracks in its reborn molten-metal style (”Bitch School,” ”Cash on Delivery”) with classic period pieces (”The Sun Never Sweats”), the band offers a uniquely valuable panorama of its development. But it also raises a key question: Has Tap sold out?

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Spinal Tap from the beginning

The last time Spi¨al Tap toured and released a new album, Nancy Reagan was getting free designer gowns, Liz Taylor was still carrying a torch for Richard Burton, and Pia Zadora had just won a Golden Globe award. We may have forgotten those events, but we cherish our memories of a band that, while never a critical or public favorite, still fills a void in the collective unconsciousness of ear-splitting rock & roll. And what memories: lead guitarist Nigel Tufnel, whose amps’ volume went up to 11 (they go ”way past 20” nowadays, he notes); David St.

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