Renada Rutmanis

The New Guy tells the story of a high school loser (played by DJ Qualls) who goes to prison and reinvents himself, with the help of a smooth-talking con (Eddie Griffin), and the hilarity that follows him after he enrolls in a new school. What really needs reinventing is this dismal movie website: a bare-bones effort that offers a silly ”Punt the Geek” game and asks visitors to register for additional ”New Guy” info. We’ll pass—this site barely does.

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What's Next?

All that Oscar’s Class of 2002 has had to do for the last month is show up and revel in the attention. But a year from now, will they avoid being seen as last year’s flukes? For the actors and directors, their next choices can be even more important than the ones that earned them their nominations. Here’s what’s in their sights.

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