Rhonda Richford

Who wears short shorts? Celebrities do

If you’re still pondering the decades-old question ”Who wears short shorts?” (and who isn’t?), the answer is here: L.A. denizens Brittany Murphy and Jessica Simpson are among those who have gone gaga over ’60s-inspired Rebecca Beeson hot pants. At $48 a pop, the limited-edition terry-cloth shorts come in bold colors and are known for their particularly flattering fit. Says San Francisco-based Beeson, who was inspired by a long-legged friend: ”They give great butt – they give a little lift. But the rear doesn’t hang out.” We’re thankful for small blessings.

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J. Lo's bauble is the Item of the Week

It’s no coincidence that J. Lo’s ”Monster-in-Law” bride-to-be wears a question mark around her neck. ”Her character is very uncertain about where her life is going,” says a New Line rep. Hence the quizzical bauble, made of white gold and – gasp! – cubic zirconia. Certainly less bling than the real-life (and newly hitched) Lopez is used to. ”She doesn’t wear it off the set,” confirms the rep. We should think not.

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