Richard B. Stolley

Richard B. Stolley remembers the Zapruder film

Richard B. Stolley was the Los Angeles bureau chief of Life magazine when his assignment to cover the events in Dallas led to one of the great scoops in journalism: obtaining exclusive rights to Abraham Zapruder’s film of the President’s assassination. Here Stolley, now editorial director of Time Inc. Magazines (including this one), recounts that experience in detail.

”Dick, Kennedy’s been shot in Dallas!”

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First person: Witness to a revolution

Shortly after I was transferred to the South to report on desegregation for the weekly Life magazine, I heard a story. It concerned a young black woman who had just been hired as a maid in a wealthy white household. After her first day at work, she returned home, and her family crowded around. They knew almost nothing about how white people lived — so wide was the gap between the races — and they were intensely curious.

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