Roger Friedman

Mariah Carey's divorce

It was a brutal week for Sony Music. The tragic death of singer Jeff Buckley overshadowed all, but there was other bleak news as well. First, one of Sony’s most prestigious artists, Bob Dylan, canceled a tour after being diagnosed with a heart infection. Then, a new album by the conglom’s biggest seller, Michael Jackson, which entered the charts at a mere No. 24, plummeted to No. 43. And the latest market share figures showed Sony — until recently always among the top three U.S. major-label groups — ranked sixth out of six.

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Ellen Barkin's role reversal

Maybe one reason Ellen Barkin is wound tight as a new Duncan yo-yo is that she grew up next door to a famous killer. The woman’s name was Alice Crimmins, and in the summer of 1965 in Queens, N.Y., the accusation that she had murdered her two small children put her on the front pages of every tabloid in the city. ”It was one of those major life events as a child,” Barkin says early on during lunch at a pleasantly un-hip bistro off the beaten track in Beverly Hills.

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Julia Phillips' Hollywood memoir goes to No. 1

Julia Phillips may have been the only person watching the 1990 Academy Awards show last month who didn’t hear the joke Billy Crystal told about her. Just as the show began, the phone rang in Phillips’ New York hotel suite with the news that her daughter, Kate, had been accepted at the University of Michigan. None of the friends Phillips had invited to the suite, including her hairdresser and her ex-shrink, could get her off the phone in time to hear Crystal coo, ”I’m sorry I’m late.

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