Sara Netzley

Arrow recap: 'Invasion!'

How many different things did tonight’s episode of Arrow need to be? Let us count the ways: It needed to continue the conflicts set up in The CW’s ambitious DC crossover. It needed to balance non-Arrow characters within its narrative. And it needed to honor the milestone of the show’s 100th episode. So how did it do?

It hit a bullseye. Right in the heart.

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NCIS recap: 'Enemy Combatant'

Happy Thanksgiving, NCIS family! The giant turkey in the sky brought you a Bishop episode tonight!

First, can we all agree Bishop’s overprotective siblings are nightmares? They invade her apartment while she’s out, causing her to draw her gun when she hears a noise upon arriving home. But it’s just three dummies who decided to surprise her for Thanksgiving.  

“For the record, I did send you a text,” one of them says.

Bishop’s confused. “You sent me three frownie-face emojis.”

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Arrow recap: 'So It Begins'

This week, Oliver and the Arrowlettes are faced with — eh, who cares? DOLPH LUNDGREN IS IN THE HOOOOOOOUUUUUSE!

The present:

We open on Green Arrow and Spartan tracking Prometheus. They enter an abandoned warehouse with an alarming number of flaming torches left burning unattended. It gets worse when a dramatic explosion results in the phrase “SO IT BEGINS” being spelled out in fire on the floor. Man, do I love an overly dramatic villain.

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Arrow recap: 'Human Target'

The good tonight: Tobias Church. The fights. The torture. Hilariously realistic masks. Elite bodyguards. The bad tonight: Rezoning. Shady journalism. PR boondoggles. Closure.

Let’s recap! We open with some shirtless torture time. Rene’s trussed up, and Church and his men have worked him over so much he periodically dribbles blood onto his chest while his captors discuss Church’s philosophy on information extraction.

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NCIS recap: 'Home of the Brave'

“Home of the Brave” may just be the funniest poignant episode of NCIS ever (or the most poignant funny one?), as the team deals with the deportation of a former Marine, Quinn’s racy dream about Gibbs, and the return of DiNozzo.

Okay, fine, not that DiNozzo. Senior shows up to announce Tony asked him to find a tenant for his apartment since he has no immediate plans to return. (You remember Tony’s apartment, right? Bachelor pad? Reasonable mortgage? Scene of a bloody murder?)

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Arrow recap: 'The Recruits'

Oliver struggles with trust and leadership tonight, but with a little help from the women in his life, Mayor Handsome gets a handle on things. Diggle, meanwhile, finds himself in a dire situation with no allies at all.

The episode opens with Wild Dog and Green Arrow once again in pursuit of the same bad guy. Tonight’s tussle ends with Wild Dog dangling upside down by a leg courtesy of a trick arrow while Green Arrow offers him a choice: Be a man in a hockey mask, or be something better. He leaves Wild Dog with a decision … and a card with a date and address on it.

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