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Entertainment news from the week of Nov. 20

GET SPORTY The Date: Oct. 30. The Place: Manhattan’s Chelsea Piers sports complex. The Scene: Sporty Spice — that’s Mel C. to nickname neophytes — is on location with Canadian rocker Bryan Adams to shoot a video for their new duet, ”When You’re Gone” (from Adams’ album On a Day Like Today). As assistants rush around the elaborate set, Sporty, with mum in tow, explains the collaboration. ”We were in L.A. at the same time and we happened to be in the same lift, and we went, ‘Oh, hi!”’ she says.

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Celebrity magazine editors

When she took over The New Yorker in 1992, Tina Brown turned the title of editor into celebrity. The fallout? More and more celebrities are now taking the title of editor. This year, Gwyneth Paltrow helmed the January issue of Marie Claire, which has also hired Susan Sarandon for its January ‘99 issue. Former NBA star (and ex-U.S. senator) Bill Bradley is guest-editing November’s Sport, and in the past year Civilization has put Martin Scorsese and Bill Blass, among others, in charge (Anjelica Huston and Giorgio Armani are slated for ‘99).

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The Toys of Summer

At least there wasn’t a Saving Private Ryan Happy Meal or — yikes! — a There’s Something About Mary hair-gel line. Actually, Hollywood showed remarkable restraint this summer when it came to movie merchandise, partly because many of the big films, such as Ryan, Mary, and The Truman Show, were unsuited for massive tie-in campaigns. But even many of the more kid-friendly flicks — Dr. Dolittle, Quest for Camelot, and Madeline — opted to go low-profile this year with merchandising. Why?

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Monitor: Tommy Lee arrested for assaulting Pamela Anderson

ENGAGED Prolific romance novelist Danielle Steel, 50, to venture capitalist Thomas Perkins, 65. A date and location have yet to be set. It will be Steel’s fifth marriage, Perkins’ second.

SPLITS Actor Ned Beatty, 60, from his wife of 18 years, Dorothy, 45, in L.A., Feb. 27. They have two children.

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Positive Roles

These days Kearns, a 25-year industry veteran, is working again, but he’s suffering from a different problem: being typecast. In such television programs as “Life Goes On,” “A Mother?s Prayer” and “Beverly Hills 90210,” the 47-year-old actor has been limited to playing characters who are – what else – HIV-positive.

The irony, to Kearns, is that in real life he shows no outward signs of the disease. “To play one of these parts, I have to spend two hours in make-up becoming sick looking,” he says.

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Faces of AIDS

Our grim vigil began six years ago. In November 1991, to commemorate World AIDS Day, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY published a tribute to the members of the artistic community lost to the virus; in that inaugural feature we honored 67 people. The Faces of AIDS became an annual rite after that. Each winter, we counted those we had lost; each winter, the numbers escalated at a soul-numbing pace. In 1994, the toll reached 137.

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Celebrities in ''The Guinness Book of World Records 1998''

There isn’t an awards show for it yet, but with the number of celebrities in The Guinness Book of World Records 1998 (on sale this month), there may be one soon: More than 200 entertainment-based record smashers appear in this latest edition. According to Guinness managing editor Christine Heilman, celebs appear primarily in special TV and movie sections. After all, she notes, ”you wouldn’t expect Tom Cruise to set a milk-bottle-balancing record.” Some of the new additions:

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