Simon Vozick-Levinson

Vince Neil pleads guilty to DUI, sentenced to 15 days

Vince Neil formally pleaded guilty today to misdemeanor drunk driving, the Associated Press reports. A judge sentenced the Motley Crue singer to 15 days in jail plus 15 days house arrest. Neil was arrested last June in Las Vegas; if convicted without this plea deal, he could have faced up to six months behind bars.

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Live Forever

Bob Marley

Recorded at a September 1980 concert in Pittsburgh and never previously released, two-CD set Live Forever proves that Marley was still at the top of his live game just months before his death. Most people have heard his hits enough by now to render these faithful renditions a bit superfluous, but the band sounds tight and Marley is his inimitable self. B+

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'Billboard' launches Uncharted chart for little-known artists

The charts published by Billboard each week have traditionally been meant to measure albums’ and singles’ success in terms of sales and airplay. But what about newer artists who are building careers in other ways? Billboard’s new Uncharted chart, introduced for the first time this week, is designed to highlight those under-served up-and-comers.

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