Sophia Asare

Fieldwork, Mischa Berlinski’s first novel, begins when an American anthropologist convicted of murdering a young missionary in Thailand kills herself while serving a life sentence in prison. The sensational headline sends a journalist named Mischa Berlinski on an obsessive search for answers. ”Such is the power of a good story,” writes the author’s alter ego. However, this murder mystery quickly devolves into a rich yet cumbersome travelogue detailing the places and people Berlinski encounters during his makeshift crime investigation.

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Mira Nair on ''The Namesake''

There is a little bit of director Mira Nair in all of her films. She introduced audiences to a lively Punjabi family much like her own in the international hit Monsoon Wedding, while in her latest film, The Namesake, Nair sought to capture an American immigrant experience similar to the journey she took upon coming to the U.S. from India as a young student.

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