Steve Appleford

All-4-One ready to release follow-up album

No groupies here. No limos. No champagne. Just four pals singing in a room devoid of the luxuries normally lavished on Grammy-winning pop stars. At the moment, in this nondescript studio on the outskirts of Los Angeles, Jamie Jones is leading his partners through ”We Dedicate,” a somber a cappella ode to God that will close the quartet’s latest album, And the Music Speaks. But it’s the name of that other supreme being that keeps popping up. ”If Frank Sinatra had a group,” Jones boasts to the others, ”it would be us: One take and we’re out.”

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Blessid Union of Soul's rise to popularity

The hits just keep on coming for Eliot Sloan and Jeff Pence. Not that anyone knew who these Cincinnati musicians were two years ago. Long before cracking the charts as Blessid Union of Souls (”It’s who we are,” says Sloan. ”We’re very lucky”), the duo was cranking out crowd pleasing pop hits as part of an anonymous cover band in bars up and down the East Coast, which, depressing as that sounds, had its advantages. ”In the hotels we really got to know each other musically,” says singer Sloan, 29. ”That’s when we started writing our own songs.”

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