Steve Baldwin

Entertainment news for July 11, 1997

Wow, we girls really can do anything. Even be boys. Barbie maker Mattel is taking the not-so-living doll’s motto to heart: To celebrate the Fourth of July, the statuesque plaything is getting a presidential makeover and becoming the father of our country, George Washington. It marks the first time the 11 1/2-inch gal has been incarnated as a guy.

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Old websites never die

One highly bizarre feature of today’s Web is the expanding number of sites whose creators have abandoned them, rather than having spent the excruciatingly long hours necessary to keep them up to date. Like crewless drifting hulks, these ”ghost sites” — unfettered by Web regulation — pose a pesky nuisance to Net navigation. And they can persist for years because taking them down is much more time-consuming than letting them drift like so much cyber-space junk. Here, then, are some of the Web’s moldiest sites. It’s amazing how natural they look in repose.

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