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Spider-Man's new gig: saving India

Spider-Man may be saving NYC on the big screen, but on the page he’s headed to India. In late August, Marvel Enterprises and Indian publisher Gotham Entertainment Group (sounds VERY Indian, doesn’t it?) will launch ”Spider-Man India.” Bombay youth Pavitr Prabhakar has powers inherited from a yogi and wears a traditional ”dhoti” with his suit. ”This concept is about taking an international hero and making him a local hero,” says Gotham CEO Sharad Devarajan of the multiculti first.

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Butterfly Ring is the Item of the Week

”Spider-Man 2”’s Kirsten Dunst has caught a $950 pink and yellow sapphire butterfly ring in her web. NYC-based Baby Doll Gems – which specializes in colorful stones in unconventional settings – also counts Halle Berry, Christina Aguilera, and Gwen Stefani as fans. ”Celebs like upscale, luxury goods,” says designer Janet Tzou. ”But they also want something fun and unique.”

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Making his directorial debut, writer Richard Curtis (Four Weddings and a Funeral, Notting Hill) assembles an A-list cast for his 10 interwoven budding and wilting love stories. Among them: The debonair British prime minister (Grant) is taken with his chubby assistant (Martine McCutcheon); an American expat (Laura Linney) works up the nerve to pursue a sexy colleague (Rodrigo Santoro); and a middle-aged mom (Thompson) suspects her husband (Alan Rickman) of having an affair.

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Ten years of fashionable ''Friends''

Ten years of fashionable ”Friends”

With TV’s trendiest twentysomethings (okay, now thirtysomethings) saying goodbye on May 6, what better way to cope with our sadness than to celebrate the best and worst style choices of our beloved Friends? We scanned all 10 seasons and uncovered everything from Chandler’s sweater vests to Rachel’s commando frock to Ross’ stubborn leather pants.

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RyanKenny is the Designers of the Week

Founded by record execs Ryan Glover, Derek Dudley, and Kenny Burns, this Atlanta-based company is known for distinctively stitched, hand-painted shirts. Fans include Jay-Z and Usher (right), who says of the RyanKenny threads he wore to March’s Soul Train awards, ”Only a real man can [keep] his manly persona and still wear peach.”

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'The Third Wheel' rolls out on DVD April 20

Shelved in the U.S. since ‘99, Wheel, the film that was meant to be Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s follow-up to Good Will Hunting, will be out on DVD April 20. Though the packaging barely mentions them, the Oscar-winning pair exec-produce and appear in the comedy about a guy (Luke Wilson) whose dream date (with Denise Richards) is ruined by a weirdo (Jay Lacopo).

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Post-Hobbit Hair is the Trend of the Week

Known for their gnarly hair and feet, hobbits aren’t exactly stylish. But Lord of the Rings stars Billy Boyd (top) and Dominic Monaghan have shed their Tolkien funk for postmodern punk with Fauxhawks (modified Mohawks minus the oh-so-close shave). ”Usually people in bands or in fashion have that haircut,” says Gilda Pastena of NYC’s Pierre Michel salon (clients include Nick Lachey). So are hobbits hip? ”They’re young. They’re cool.”

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The Magdalene Sisters

Torturous and powerful, writer-director Peter Mullan’s drama, The Magdalene Sisters, is, alas, more than a fictional account. The film, set in 1964 Ireland, tells the story of Bernadette (Nora-Jane Noone), Margaret (Anne-Marie Duff), Rose (Dorothy Duffy), and Crispina (Eileen Walsh), who are sent to a Magdalene convent – where supposedly promiscuous girls symbolically cleansed their sinful souls by washing laundry, and received merciless punishments and sexual advances in return.

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Celebrity news for the week of March 19


Cheryl Hines (Curb Your Enthusiasm), 38, and husband Paul Young, 34, welcomed their first child, Catherine Rose, March 8 in L.A.


Harvey Keitel, 64, and his wife of two years, filmmaker Daphna Kastner, 42, are expecting their first child in August. Keitel has two children from previous relationships.


A rep for Willem Dafoe, 48, confirmed March 8 that the actor and his partner of 27 years, Wooster Group cofounder Elizabeth LeCompte, 59, have parted. The couple has a son, Jack, 22.

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