Thom Duffy

Live music around the US

Aaron Neville on Tipitina’s, New Orleans: I’m not sure what it is about the place. It’s like the spirit of Professor Longhair [the legendary New Orleans R&B piano player] still lives there. It’s just got its own attitude. It’s a place for people to come and be real close to the musicians and sweat on each other. It’s the first place we ever played as the Neville Brothers. It’s like home base. It’s our stage. We’re the Uptown Kings there.

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''Carreras-Domingo-Pavarotti'' finds mainstream success

How did a classical album chart high enough to outshine records by pop stars like Debbie Gibson and Hall & Oates? The classical smash was Carreras-Domingo-Pavarotti in Concert, featuring opera’s three star tenors, Jose Carreras, Placido Domingo, and Luciano Pavarotti. And, as London Records VP Lynne Hoffman-Engel reports, the strategy was simple: ”We treated the record exactly like a platinum pop project.”

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Bobby McFerrin's ''Medicine Music''

Execs at Bobby McFerrin’s record company are singing ”Don’t Worry, Be Happy” despite the tough sell they face for the Grammy-winning vocalist’s latest album, Medicine Music. McFerrin, known for his jazzy, a cappella vocal acrobatics, presented EMI Records with a November release much less catchy than his previous record, the million-selling Simple Pleasures, released in 1988. That disc included the whistle-along ”Don’t Worry, Be Happy,” a left-field smash that led to McFerrin’s startling domination of the 1989 Grammy awards.

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