Tom Beaujour

With their major-label debut, 2003’s Ocean Avenue, Jacksonville, Fla., pop-punk outfit Yellowcard delivered the kind of speedy, highly emotional tunes that make TRL studio audiences squeal and more than a million CDs fly off store shelves. The band also demonstrated that a classically trained, rock-lovin’ fiddle player could actually expect more from life than a gig with the local Dave Matthews Band tribute act.

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Edward Van Halen settles down

In the decade since Sammy ”I Can’t Believe I Got This Gig” Hagar replaced David Lee ”I Can’t Believe I Left That Gig” Roth as Van Halen’s frontman, Edward Van Halen has settled into a mellower groove. Once the hard rockin’ guitar god to real-life Bill and Teds, the 40-year-old husband to actress Valerie Bertinelli has become more of a team player in the national pop-radio league. ”In the old days,” says Van Halen, ”I’d want to fill all the space. I’d go, ‘F—, this part’s too long. I want to solo. I want to blow some licks!’ That got old really quick.

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