Tyler Brule

Madonna rocks the Girlie Show tour

Madonna may have lost some of her glitter lately. But as she demonstrated in the kickoff of her Girlie Show tour at London’s Wembley Stadium, she hasn’t forgotten the twin pillars of her success—how to put on a show, and how to make a buck. Until she hits the States on Oct. 14, some notes from her sold-out stint in fair Britannia:

Biggest souvenir rip-off: Girlie Show matches $2.25.

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A concert to remember Freddy Mercury

”We are here to celebrate the life, work, and dreams of Freddie Mercury,” announced Queen’s guitar player, Brian May. ”And cry as much as you want,” added his bandmate Roger Taylor. Last week’s Concert for Life — a tribute to the flamboyant and influential Mercury, who died of AIDS last November at age 45 — brought together an extraordinary and unlikely combination of performers, from Axl Rose to David Bowie to Liza Minnelli.

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