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Scott Bakula jumps from acting to producing

Scott Bakula knows from quantum leaps. He jumped from Broadway song-and-dance man to prime-time star when he landed the part of time traveler Sam Beckett on the 1989-93 series Quantum Leap. Now he’s adding ”executive producer” to his resume, with his new CBS series, Mr. & Mrs. Smith (a Thin Man-meets-The Avengers spy series costarring Maria Bello), and The Bachelor’s Baby, a CBS movie about a single guy faced with fatherhood after a romantic fling (Sept. 29).

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Even A-List musicians can leave their ego behind

Touted as Garth Brooks’ last concert for at least a year, and Joni Mitchell’s second live U.S. performance in 10 years, AIDS Project Los Angeles’ Jan. 19 ”Commitment to Life VIII” benefit instead turned out to be a star-trip-free extravaganza of top-notch, equal-opportunity entertainment, including Sheryl Crow, Little Richard, and Tammy Wynette. The annual fund-raiser for APLA, a nonprofit organization serving people with AIDS and HIV, is one of Hollywood’s glitziest, most prestigious events. It was here that, two years ago, Barbra Streisand made one of her rare live appearances.

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Tracy Lawrence refuses to go pop

Tracy Lawrence isn’t losing sleep over country’s slippage on Billboard’s pop charts. ”If some country artists choose to go pop, more power to ‘em,” he says. ”But there will always be country radio formatting to keep us in our own place.” In Lawrence’s case, that would be the familiar top 10 of the country singles chart, where he recently rested with his tenth hit single, the No. 2 ”I See It Now.”

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Joey Lawrence: Pop star?

To-die-for Joey Lawrence, star of the NBC sitcom Blossom, is, omigod!, a rock star! Joey, who turns 17 this week, gets straight A’s in the babe department as Blossom’s brain-free younger brother Joey — dubbed by one magazine TV’s ”sexiest dimwit since John Travolta’s Vinnie Barbarino” on Welcome Back, Kotter. And now he also has a debut album — called Joey Lawrence (duh!) — streaking up the charts faster than Marky Mark can drop trou!

Released Feb.

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Little Richard for little folks

Good golly, Miss Piggy! Tutti-Frutti, oh Raffi! The latest — and perhaps most unlikely — rocker to cross over to the children’s-music business is Little Richard. Famous for music that he claimed ”made your liver quiver, your bladder splatter, your knees freeze, and your big toe shoot right through your boot,” Richard, now 59, aims to entertain a whole new generation with Shake it all About, a 12-song collection of children’s tunes that gooses the tot-rock set by turning up the volume on such kids’ classics as ”Old MacDonald.”

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