Walter Thomas

Drawings by directors

Classic movie scenes are born in the mind’s eye. Bringing that vision to life sometimes starts with a pad and a pencil. Here’s how a few of the world’s greatest directors drew their inspiration.

To the woe of scriptwriters everywhere, movies are made with a camera, not a typewriter. And for a unique collection of cinema wizards, the birth of their slick, seamless celluloid dreams is no more than a sketchy idea. Literally.

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Stars come out for AIDS relief

Madonna was there but this time she didn’t stand out. Even for the daring docugirl, it was hard to get noticed in the middle of hundreds of men wearing thousands of yards of lace and tulle. New York’s Love Ball 2, a fashion-victim fund-raiser with proceeds to be administered by the Design Industries Foundation for AIDS, brought to Roseland a fascinating mix of celebrities, designers, artists, and musicians for a night of friendly but fierce competition in such over-the-top categories as Cross Dressing and Delusions of Grandeur.

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